Understand Your Payment Processing Statement To Slash Costs - Part 2

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Understanding Payment Processing Part 2 In our last article, we described the various players involved with processing credit card payments. We also talked about what they charge you for and whether you have any control

Understand Your Payment Processing Statement To Slash Costs - Part 1

Credit Card Processing Education Merchant Education

Understanding credit card processing fees and how they work can be confusing, especially if you're not in the industry. It’s just as difficult to read and understand your credit card processing statement, so you can

Refund Fraud - The Elusive Scam Costing Merchants Billions

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Merchants are bleeding profits from an elusive threat. And this threat is growing to organized crime ring proportions. Return and refund fraud is a crime where customers and/or fraudsters exploit a retailer’s policies

7 Easy Ways To Attract More Organic Traffic

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What’s the best way to increase revenues and help your business grow? Drive more traffic, of course! Driving more website traffic is the goal of every online marketer. Driving traffic

Business Intelligence Reporting Drives Profits

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SMBs should be using their data to drive business. These days, it is common knowledge that data is a humongous resource for businesses. Large corporations are using the data they collect, and even buy, to their

How To Manage Fraud In An eCommerce World

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At no other time have consumers made such a tremendous shift to digital use and eCommerce. Consumers were already moving towards a more digital life, but recent events created an unprecedented shift towards eCommerce.

Understanding Basis Points In Credit Card Processing Rates

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Business owners have plenty of things to worry about. And I’m sure understanding credit card processing rates isn't a top priority. But maybe it should be. Why do we believe business owners should take a minute to

What Does Your Credit Card Processor Do For You?

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Why Do You Need A Credit Card Processor? And What Do They Do For Me Anyway? As a merchant, have you ever wondered how credit card processing really works? Or why you need to have a credit card processor to accept

Omni Commerce - Marketing + Payments - For Now And The Future

Omni commerce

If there’s one word that's just as much of a buzz-word in 2020 as the “new normal”, its “omni-commerce”. Retail was already adapting to a more multi-channel presence with the growth of mobile shopping and social media

Do I need an ISO or MSP to Accept Credit Cards?

Business owners know they need to accept credit cards to run a viable business. They may even understand they need a merchant account to accept credit card payments. Many business owners don't concern themselves with