Triangulation Fraud - What is it? And How Can Merchants Fight It?

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We often say that where the money goes, so do the criminals. E-Commerce sales continue to grow. Consumers continue to become more reliant on online shopping. And along with it, fraudsters continue to find better ways to

What Are The 12 Steps of PCI Compliance?

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And Why Must Merchants Comply? The major card brands, Visa Inc, MasterCard, American Express, and JCB Int’s main concern is ensuring the safety of their cardholders' sensitive payment information. After all, if the

Attract Gen Z Customers Through Innovations In Digital Payments

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It would be easy to dismiss Gen Z as just kids just beginning to enter the marketplace. But that would be a mistake. The oldest of the generation are only now reaching the age of 25, but they make up 20% of the

How To Write An Effective Refund Policy

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For every business, accepting returned items is an inevitable part of doing business. And it's an even greater guarantee for eCommerce businesses. Returned items and refunds represent a significant portion of loss in

Can You Increase Sales Through Digital Wallet Acceptance?

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There are many things that play into the success of any business. But at the end of the day, success hinges on the ability to accept a payment for the goods and services one is peddling. And not being able to accept the

Merchants Must Embrace Contactless Digital Payments And Mobile Wallets

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For retail merchants to continue to thrive, digital wallet readiness is foundational. Mobile wallets are emerging as a key technology in the transition to digitally dominated payments. Physical cash is being left behind

Tips For Fighting Refund Fraud And Chargeback Fraud

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To some it may seem like the Holiday Season is over and it's a brand new year to focus on. But for retailers, the first few months of the year bring another challenging season. Refund and Chargeback Season. Like Spring

2021 Holiday Retail And Ecommerce Fraud Recap

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News Flash! Fraud is on the rise! And it's not just the criminals anymore. Over the last 2 years, we’ve seen an unprecedented increase in retail eCommerce sales. We've also experienced a significant pandemic-induced

Why You Need An Experienced Enterprise Payment Processing Partner

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If you're running an enterprise, then enterprise level payment processing is a must. And while the merchant services industry is saturated with providers who can process payments, few have the experience and are

How To Increase Last Minute Holiday Sales

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It's true that holiday shopping began much earlier this year than usual. And it's expected to be a record year despite the ongoing COVID restrictions. In fact, recent estimations from Deloitte put total holiday sales at