P2PE - Point-to-Point Encryption Solutions Explained

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When a business does not take proper precautions, they put their customer’s data and livelihood at risk. They risk being hit with fines and penalties, in addition to losses from the initial fraud. And they risk their

Avoid Merchant Account Fees - Know The New Visa Rules!

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Due to new Visa rules, many CNP merchants are going to begin seeing new fees and assessments being applied to their merchant accounts. Visa recognized that the existing decline code system for transaction

What Is Headless Commerce? Should Your eCommerce Platform Go Headless?

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Have you heard of the term “Headless Commerce”? If you’ve been operating an eCommerce business for any amount of time, you're likely hearing it more and more often. It is quickly becoming one of the most popular

5 Easy Steps For A Layered eCommerce Fraud Prevention Strategy

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If you're going to accept credit cards online, you must have a robust fraud prevention strategy. Cyber criminals are incredibly nimble folk. And as such, the methods and avenues of ecommerce fraud continue to become

10 Tips For Handling Negative Social Media Comments

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We live in a time of ultra-connectivity. Consumers connect daily through multitudes of social media avenues and business channels. Each channel has its own unique way of interacting with its users. And because of this,

Contactless and EMV Payments Fight Fraud - But Merchants And Consumers Must Embrace It First

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Why should businesses meet EMV standards? And why should consumers adopt it with open arms? Because credit card fraud still runs rampant in both brick and mortar and eCommerce stores. Because customers who experience

Consumers Drive Demand For QR Code Contactless Payments

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Is QR code technology the next wave in contactless payment convenience? Many merchants are finding out that they can enable quick, convenient contactless payments through a simple scan of a QR code. Historically, the

Is A Hosted Payment Page Right For Your eCommerce Site?

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No event in history has had a greater effect on eCommerce sales more than the COVID-19 pandemic has. eCommerce has grown exponentially and stores opened at a staggering rate. Brick and mortar stores are either moving

Enhance The eCommerce Buyer's Journey And Increase Your Sales

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The COVID-19 pandemic will long be known as the catalyst that fueled a massive shift in consumer shopping behavior. To put it plainly, more people are shopping online for more types of items than they ever have. Fueled

PCI Compliance - More Important Than Ever As Online Fraud Runs Rampant

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Was online fraud considered a significant problem prior to the pandemic? Absolutely. In fact, some reports show that as much as 90% of log-in traffic on eCommerce sites in 2018 was fraudulent. But now, it runs rampant