Visa Stepping up Merchant Fines for Cash Discounting

Credit Card Processing Education Surcharges

Is Visa cracking down on merchants who offer customers a cash discount to entice them to pay with cash instead of credit cards? Are they hitting merchants with hefty fines for adding credit card surcharges without a

Unified Commerce - The Future of Retail Beyond Omni Commerce

Omni commerce Business Intelligence Merchant Education

How many years will we have to talk about how the pandemic changed the world of commerce? Probably forever. Commerce was already experiencing a shift because of the internet and the prolific adoption of smartphones.

New Card Brand Updates And How They Affect Your Business

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The major card brands, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover, recently issued yet another notice of updates and changes to their rules and pricing structure. Generally, the card brands issue updates on their fees,

Marketing And The Post-Pandemic Consumer

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Everything about consumers has changed in the last two years. They way they shop, the way they feel, what they want and what they expect from brands, even the way they purchase. They’re shopping more online and they

How To Eliminate Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment

To reduce costly shopping cart abandonment on their sites, merchants need to do two things: create a proven reduction strategy and make it a top priority. There are many things that have contributed to the online

Behavioral Biometrics: Payment Security Without The Friction

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As a society, our lives are becoming more digitally entrenched than ever. As a result, consumers are becoming more and more comfortable conducting life online, and on their mobile devices. Our reliance on mobile

Should Lawmakers Cap Credit Card Processing Fees?

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The Durbin amendment is under fire as proponents for both sides began arguing their side at a Senate Judicial Hearing that began on May 4th. Some lawmakers, merchants, and retail advocate groups believe that banks and

eCommerce Boom Brings Unwelcome boom in eCommerce Fraud

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The ecommerce boom has been one of the most exciting business developments of the past decade. After being limited to niche markets for many years, eCommerce has become a mainstream phenomenon. But, as with most things

Card Brands Publish New Interchange Rates- Will Your Rates Go Down?

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Accepting credit cards is about to get a bit more expensive for many businesses. That’s because businesses are about to get their first statements reflecting the new Interchange rate increases for 2022. After delaying

PCI DSS v4.0 Updated Security Standards - What You Need To Know

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All businesses involved in payments and card payment data are about to be subject to new security standards set by the PCI SSC. On March 31st, the PCI SSC published PCI Data Security Standards v4.0. This new version