Understanding the Benefits of Embedded Payments

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In the US, nearly 50% of businesses fail within the first five years of operating. With the right strategy, though, you can minimize this risk.One of the most important aspects of running a successful business involves

Ecommerce Trends To Be Ready For In 2023


As we look forward to 2023, it’s no surprise that digital shopping will dominate the retail sector. Consumers continue to do more business than ever on their smartphones and computers. According to Statista, global

Understanding How Chargebacks Affect Your Merchant Account

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One of the unfortunate side effects of utilizing credit card processing in your business is the increased possibility of chargebacks. Unfortunately, if you accept credit cards as a payment method in your business,

Marketing And The Post-Pandemic Consumer

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Everything about consumers has changed in the last two years. They way they shop, the way they feel, what they want and what they expect from brands, even the way they purchase. They’re shopping more online and they

Behavioral Biometrics: Payment Security Without The Friction

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As a society, our lives are becoming more digitally entrenched than ever. As a result, consumers are becoming more and more comfortable conducting life online, and on their mobile devices. Our reliance on mobile

eCommerce Boom Brings Unwelcome boom in eCommerce Fraud

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The ecommerce boom has been one of the most exciting business developments of the past decade. After being limited to niche markets for many years, eCommerce has become a mainstream phenomenon.  But, as with most things

Triangulation Fraud - What is it? And How Can Merchants Fight It?

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We often say that where the money goes, so do the criminals. E-Commerce sales continue to grow. Consumers continue to become more reliant on online shopping. And along with it, fraudsters continue to find better ways to

Attract Gen Z Customers Through Innovations In Digital Payments

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It would be easy to dismiss Gen Z as just kids just beginning to enter the marketplace. But that would be a mistake. The oldest of the generation are only now reaching the age of 25, but they make up 20% of the

How To Write An Effective Refund Policy

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For every business, accepting returned items is an inevitable part of doing business. And it's an even greater guarantee for eCommerce businesses. Returned items and refunds represent a significant portion of loss in

Can You Increase Sales Through Digital Wallet Acceptance?

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There are many things that play into the success of any business. But at the end of the day, success hinges on the ability to accept a payment for the goods and services one is peddling. And not being able to accept the
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