How to Protect Your Digital Bill Payments From Cyber Criminals

Fraud digital payments

Digital bill payments are on the rise, and small businesses are increasingly adopting the technology to make their operations more efficient. But while digital bill payments can be convenient, they also come with risks.

7 Ways To Reduce Chargebacks In 2023

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For a business striving to be more profitable and meet the demands of today’s discerning consumer, accepting credit cards is a must.  It is simply what consumers expect these days. Unfortunately, there is also a dark

Understanding How Chargebacks Affect Your Merchant Account

Credit Card Processing Education Fraud eCommerce chargebacks

One of the unfortunate side effects of utilizing credit card processing in your business is the increased possibility of chargebacks. Unfortunately, if you accept credit cards as a payment method in your business,

Behavioral Biometrics: Payment Security Without The Friction

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As a society, our lives are becoming more digitally entrenched than ever. As a result, consumers are becoming more and more comfortable conducting life online, and on their mobile devices. Our reliance on mobile

eCommerce Boom Brings Unwelcome boom in eCommerce Fraud

Fraud eCommerce Merchant Education

The ecommerce boom has been one of the most exciting business developments of the past decade. After being limited to niche markets for many years, eCommerce has become a mainstream phenomenon.  But, as with most things

Triangulation Fraud - What is it? And How Can Merchants Fight It?

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We often say that where the money goes, so do the criminals. E-Commerce sales continue to grow. Consumers continue to become more reliant on online shopping. And along with it, fraudsters continue to find better ways to

Tips For Fighting Refund Fraud And Chargeback Fraud

Fraud eCommerce chargebacks

To some it may seem like the Holiday Season is over and it's a brand new year to focus on. But for retailers, the first few months of the year bring another challenging season. Refund and Chargeback Season. Like Spring

2021 Holiday Retail And Ecommerce Fraud Recap

Fraud eCommerce chargebacks

News Flash! Fraud is on the rise! And it's not just the criminals anymore. Over the last 2 years, we’ve seen an unprecedented increase in retail eCommerce sales. We've also experienced a significant pandemic-induced

eCommerce Credit Card Processing Fraud Schemes

Fraud eCommerce CNP

Visa guidance on how to protect your eCommerce site from Card Testing Schemes and Enumeration Attacks. The U.S. has experienced a remarkable growth spurt in eCommerce and eCommerce Payment Processing. But alongside the

5 Easy Steps For A Layered eCommerce Fraud Prevention Strategy

Fraud eCommerce Merchant Education

If you're going to accept credit cards online, you must have a robust fraud prevention strategy. Cyber criminals are incredibly nimble folk. And as such, the methods and avenues of ecommerce fraud continue to become
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