As Mobile Wallets Gain Popularity, Is Your Merchant Account Prepared?

Contactless payments mobile wallets

According to a report from Global Market Insights, the mobile wallet market is expected to grow from $100 billion to $250 billion by 2024. What is behind this explosive growth? Should your business start accepting

Attract Gen Z Customers Through Innovations In Digital Payments

Omni commerce eCommerce Contactless payments mobile wallets

It would be easy to dismiss Gen Z as just kids just beginning to enter the marketplace. But that would be a mistake. The oldest of the generation are only now reaching the age of 25, but they make up 20% of the

Can You Increase Sales Through Digital Wallet Acceptance?

Shopping cart abandonment Omni commerce eCommerce Contactless payments mobile wallets

There are many things that play into the success of any business. But at the end of the day, success hinges on the ability to accept a payment for the goods and services one is peddling. And not being able to accept the

Merchants Must Embrace Contactless Digital Payments And Mobile Wallets

eCommerce Contactless payments mobile wallets

For retail merchants to continue to thrive, digital wallet readiness is foundational. Mobile wallets are emerging as a key technology in the transition to digitally dominated payments. Physical cash is being left behind

Contactless and EMV Payments Fight Fraud - But Merchants And Consumers Must Embrace It First

eCommerce Merchant Education Contactless payments

Why should businesses meet EMV standards? And why should consumers adopt it with open arms? Because credit card fraud still runs rampant in both brick and mortar and eCommerce stores.  Because customers who experience

Consumers Drive Demand For QR Code Contactless Payments

Merchant Education Contactless payments

Is QR code technology the next wave in contactless payment convenience? Many merchants are finding out that they can enable quick, convenient contactless payments through a simple scan of a QR code.  Historically, the
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